Archive: February 10, 2016

Perfman HR – Why You Must Get a Personal Business Card

When you have a personal business card you convey a more positive and professional image. Plus, most people feel more important and confident when they have a business card. Perhaps best of all, business cards are especially convenient to use when networking.

Creating a Business Card Is Easy

There are numerous software solutions you can use to design a business card. In fact, many word processors like MS Word even provide templates. Business cards are very inexpensive to produce. Typically, you can print out 500 for the cost of eating a meal in a restaurant. Either you can buy business card stock paper for your computer printer or you can take your file to a local printer or copy shop.

If you don't have a computer around you, most printing companies and DTP Printing shops can assist you in creating a professional card. Either route you choose, the cost of producing a professional business card is relatively inexpensive and well worth the investment.

Make Your Business Card Simple, Yet Professional

If you are not sure what it should look like, go into your drawer or file cabinet and take out a handful of business cards you have received from others. If you don't have any, then call up a friend and ask to see some of theirs. Include a Logo or Picture

For your logo, you can use your initials in a bigger and different font or you can put your picture there. I know, I know, people have always said that you don't want to put a picture on anything when job hunting. However, my feeling is that if you want to, then go right ahead.

Let's face it, if someone is going to reject you on the basis of your appearance, isn't it better not to waste the time and energy on the interview? Having a picture on your card can help interviewers put a face to your name and also help you stand out amidst the clutter. You will be remembered as - Oh he / she is the one with the business card with the photo on it! However, do what is most comfortable for you.

Give Yourself a Title

For a title, put whatever the position is that you are trying to get. If you want to get an accounting position, then put "accountant." If you want a sales position, then put something like "sales representative" or "account manager." Or just put your name on the card without a title.

Provide Important Contact Information

Include your address, phone number, and e-mail address. Provide information that makes you most accessible. If you have a cell phone, you may want to use that in lieu of your home phone. The accompanying image on this post is an illustration of a good business card. This will give you a good idea of a generic layout you could use for your own card. So next time you introduce yourself to a contact and you do not have a job currently, you must keep those business cards ready to give you that boost of confidence and also impress others with your seriousness towards your career and your professional attitude!