Archive: February 10, 2016

Crafting a Chicken Logo Design Use the Ketchup and Mustard Colors

What does KFC, Hardees, Mc Donald's, Burger King have in common?

They have all used the ketchup and mustard colors in their brand mark.

Even if you look around your neighborhood you will notice that most of the businesses that deal in chicken products have used the colors red and yellow popularly.

Ever wondered why?

We'll tell you.

Colors have a distinct impact on the people's moods and decisions which make it a significant component while designing brand marks. Some colors demand attention while others are calm and serene which soothes us.

If you are crafting a chicken logo design for your chicken business in the locality then use the ketchup and mustard colors as your inspiration. Whether you are opening a fast food restaurant or ready to eat chicken meals, red and yellow colors will create the right impact on your clientele.

Red is known as the hottest of all colors. It is the color of physical energy, confidence, action, vitality, passion, desire and courage. It is the color that accelerates heartbeat and makes one hungry which makes it the most popular color choice for restaurants. Red is also associated with swiftness which can tell your customers of your fast service.

The color yellow is pure and bright and is often the easiest color to see. It is also a color that is associated with happiness, laughter and good times. Using yellow color is often cheering and uplifting.

You might think why is using the right colors for your chicken business so important?

We have a few reasons.

The main purpose of your chicken business is either to motivate sales or to invite people in for a good time. In both the cases, you need colors that represent energy and happiness. You want your customers to know that walking into your store or restaurant means fast and reliable service along with a great time.

Compared to that, let's see what impact other colors can create for your business?

If you are using blue as the prominent color for your chicken business, then you should know that blue is a color that is calm and soothing and diminishes appetite which makes it the worst color to associate with your restaurant.

Want more reasons?

Close your eyes and think of warm and tempting fried food that has come just off the oven. What colors can you imagine here?

Can you see red and golden?

That is the reason why most of the fried chicken logo deigns are red and yellow.

In conclusion, if you are crafting your own brand mark for your chicken business, make sure that your business symbol is tempting and mouth watering. The only way to do that is to use the ketchup and mustard colors for the logo design.