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Feb 10, 2016

Logo, trademark - a kind of "calling card" of the company - performs in a variety of commercial activities of the last and very important functions. Some of them coincide with the functions of the other constants, others are unique to the sign.

The most important of these are:

Thus, creating an image of the company - it's part of the job done by all corporate identity in general and aimed at enhancing the prestige, on behalf of the advertising and the principles of the company. Information function assumes that the mark, logo, corporate identity indicate the country from which the goods were supplied, and the producer, as well as helping to choose the product of a variety of other consumer and signals about its properties and advantages. Psychological function is realized by increasing confidence in the marked goods, creating a positive subconscious attitude to it, because, as already noted, the trade mark in the perception of the consumer is a guarantee of consistent quality.

Thus, the problems of trade marks in advertising are diverse and important, and here they are basically the same with the overall objectives and functions of the corporate identity under the leadership of the mark in a number of other constants.

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